What is packrafting?

Packrafting is a relatively new outdoor adventure activity that's rapidly growing in popularity in North America – and for good reason. Packrafts are tough, sturdy, lightweight, packable boats that can be stashed in backpack, thrown in the trunk of your car, or packed into your airplane carry-on bag. Every waterway is now accessible and packrafts can take you to places you may never be able to experience on foot.

Our boats are designed to be inflated on-the-spot using an inflation bag or one of our rechargeable mini pumps. They can be used and enjoyed, and then deflated quickly and re-packed - fast and easy.


Packrafts are a great option for those looking to incorporate paddling their next backcountry biking or hiking trip, international vacation or local camping trip. These boats can be enjoyed by people of all ages and are great for leisurely days of paddling on a local lake, gently flowing river or to explore the urban waterways of your own city. The view from the water is always unique and there's no better way to watch a sunset than from a packraft. 


If you're an avid outdoor person, a packraft is a very useful tool to make a loop out of a linear trail when you're exploring the backcountry. You can hike in for several hours, or several days, and then float your way back to the trail head on a river or stream, to save time and energy. When you’re planning your trip, you can cover distance more quickly and possibly reach areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on foot. Packrafts are an ideal took for back packers who want to float across lakes, pools or slow-moving rivers. They are light enough to be carried on your back along with the rest of your camping gear.


These boats allow access to waterways that hard shell canoes and kayaks or bulky inflatables simply can’t get to, whether it's up in the mountains at a glacier lake or after hiking many miles into the woods. Our boats have been designed to be lightweight and durable and can endure the tough Canadian wilderness and waterways. A growing number of people are using packrafts to explore the waterways of their own city or to enjoy a day at the beach. 


Ever wanted to explore the waterways and canals in a cute European town or the ocean coastline outside of your Hawaiian Air Bnb? Now you can paddle on your own terms and avoid boat rentals on your next vacation. The boat and paddles will fit in your carry-on luggage! Heck, bring it on your cruise! We did and it was awesome.


It's almost impossible to tip a packraft in flat water, so people of all ages can have fun in a packraft and have a worry-free experience. They are easy to get in and out of and are very comfortable. Packrafting means something different to almost everyone who tries one. We've had folks of all ages and paddling abilities in our boats, with big smiles on their faces! 

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